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Skysip is a brand and registered UK Trademark under the UK Tel Ltd. UK Tell is a fast expanding company based in London, United Kingdom. The affordable and economical application enables clients to communicate worldwide at the cheapest way. As a company, we utilize ways in which people can save money from their budget to communicate globally.



Problems and solutions

Regarding our potential customers, the overarching issue is the expense of the call especially if they are communicating internationally. With our new launch we have initiated a productive mobile application which allows them to make calls internationally as well as interact via our messaging app which also included sharing pictures, audios and videos call. Our mobile application which may help customers make calls internationally at cheap calling rates via getting new numbers for different purposes which may be business or personal.



Skysip is currently supported on iPhone and Android. It is download free and simple registration with OTP code. By balance and call anywhere globally. You will also be able to text another user freely, video call and share information with the desired caller. Moreover, we also provide Direct inward dialing numbers (DID) which are virtual numbers which allows you to choose different country numbers of your choice and subscribe to the number. With a DID number, you can travel anywhere in the world and receive calls without any costs.


Selling products and promotions

The company has been promoting via the website (www.skysip.net) which includes all the vital information about the application. There are many pros that comes with our website. The main advantage is that the customers who browse our products can do so 24/7 with our support system that is automatically on the site as it is visited. Customers are given the opportunity to view our apps as well as view our products and its necessary details. Furthermore, we are aware that many shoppers tend to compare prices as well brands online. The only way to ensure that potential customers can find our products and app is always to have an online presence. Our services allow payments through gateways including Apple. It is vital that customers find what they are looking for. Our websites also provide testimonials from our loyal customers who sends us feedbacks about their opinion. Moreover, our website gives an insight about the details of the app and the advantages that comes with it. In additional we are also promoting Skysip via different social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have targeted well known platforms to engage larger audiences who will be able to connect with us as well as share our company site with their followers.

Major initial expenses

Our startup costs was around 10,000 USD and the expense included our office for technical support, the technical team are online for 24 hours to help customers with any technical issues, the support team who are available to help customers who needs support to buy a product or access the mobile application as well as those who have language barriers and finally our marketing team who helps promote our brand indirect marketing such as social media posts


Primary goals

Our main goal is to reach the minimum of 1,000,000 customers on an annual basis as well as gain excellent customer satisfaction. We strongly believe that as a company all our customers should feel as at ease as well as satisfied when they have accessed the mobile application as well as purchased our products online.



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Happy Clients


Our Team

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Justin Farrugia

Account Manager

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Mohammad Al Omayer

Tech Manager

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Sale Manager


Ibrahim Mohamed



Michelle Walsh, “ Long distance calls were always a trouble for me due to poor connection so it is impossible for me to hear anything. Using the application SkySip has changed everything, although my family is in the UK, it makes me feel so close to them and the sound quality is brilliant!”

Michelle Walsh, Company

Mohammad Al Omayer,“ Excellent service and very easy to use, if there are any technical difficulties help is always provided!”

Mohammad Al Omayer, Bitcell

Julie Andrews “ Keeping in touch from mobiles was never affordable unless I was receiving calls. Since I have read the positive reviews on SkySip, I decided to use this application and I am enjoying it! It works on all types of phones including Iphones and Android. Now I can stay connected anytime I want!”

Julie Andrews, Call tel ltd